Lydia Hughes – Gloria Dei Graduate

Gloria Dei is a sanctuary. It shelters us from the harsh winds of the world around us, protecting us from the storm. Giving us warmth and safety while it holds us, it guides us to the light. Reality is softer, kinder, in its arms.

It has given us laughter, a flame that can survive even the drenching torrents of misery, keeping us warm in a frigid world. Although all people – peers, friends, or foe – face emotional pitfalls, but Gloria Dei has armed us with the ability to climb back out and continue.

It has given us friendship, a rope that binds us to each other, for better or for worse. If one hurts, we all feel their pain, but we are also united in joy. As our net of friendship grows, the more skilled we become in weaving it, giving us an ever-growing world of people we can rely on.

It has given us faith in a God stronger than we are; we have become a beacon of His Word. In the ability to see Him, we lose our worries and broaden our minds to a higher level.

It has given us wisdom, knowledge that gives us the incredible ability to rise above, the power to achieve our dreams. The strength we receive from this will take us farther than anyone can imagine.

It has given us hope for a better world, driving us to do good when everyone else has given up. Through this we find others like us – unstoppable – and together, we can change the world.

It has given us strength; the desire to hold our ground blazes like an ever-burning flame. Although the world may judge harshly and show horrific cruelty, we will not stand for it. In fact, we will take a stand – and never stop until the whole world hears our cry.

It has given us self-forgiveness – taught us that it is ok for us to make mistakes, so long as we make amends. Because of this, we can progress into a brighter future.

Most of all, Gloria Dei has given us the desire for independence. It has armed us to the fullest extent it can, and we are ready to test our wings – and fly. Although it is loath to let us leave its embrace, we are ready. We will survive.

And we will thrive.

Shantae B. – Gloria Dei Student Parent

“I wrote review almost a year ago when I first enrolled my son and I loved the daycare NOTHING has changed I still absolutely loved this place ! They helped with potty training – the curriculum is amazing.

My son is enrolled in the fulltime preschool program. I literally went thru a lot of different childcare programs before coming across Gloria Dei and I am so happy I did!!!! I love the staff the teachers care for your child as if he/she is theirs. My child has learned so much since being enrolled!

I still feel the same way I did a year ago… you should definitely pick this establishment you will not go wrong… I promise.”

Shane – Gloria Dei Student Parent

“My daughter has attended Gloria Dei for over 10 years. their rich tradition of a well-rounded curriculum is superior to many other programs. Their focus on science, social studies, language, math, arts, music, technology and high faiths in Christianity have prepared and enhanced my daughter to face any challenge for the rest of her life.

From the administrative staff to the core subject teachers and even the resource staff, I cannot think of any better choice for your child. As you consider your choices for your children this upcoming school year, I hope that you will be blessed and choose Gloria Dei, as well.

Nothing is more important in life than watching our children grow and receive an outstanding education. This is Gloria Dei’s values and they offer just that.”

Andrew- Gloria Dei Graduate

“To me this place has been far more than a school. Gloria Dei is where I feel the safest and the most welcome. This school is special to me because of the memories I cherish and the friends I have made along the way.

I think it is amazing that Gloria Dei incorporates Christian values into the classroom scene in a loving way. This helped me draw closer to God as a kid. I still try my best to follow those values today, and I hope I can share them with everyone at my new school next year.”

Gage- Gloria Dei Graduate

“I have heavily benefited from attending this school, and I feel like I have a great basis for high school. Gloria Dei has provided me with an education i feel I can get nowhere else. The teachers and learning experiences here are well suited for the students and are made enjoyable. I will look back on my time here as one of the best experiences in my life.”

Jacqueline- Gloria Dei Graduate

“I have had the pleasure to meet many amazing teachers and lifelong friends at this school. At Gloria Dei, I was taught how to be kind to others and respect them, two traits that I will carry with me into my late teenage years and beyond. I have also learned the importance of teamwork, compromise, and patience. This school is more like family to me.”

Megan- Gloria Dei Graduate

“I have been going to Gloria Dei since I was three years old, making this my tenth year here. Gloria Dei has taught me so many things both academically, but also in my everyday life. The teachers here are all so kind and accepting to every student. The teachers here are constantly demonstrating kindness towards everyone. Because of these actions, I think that I have grown as a person and in the way that I treat others.

I have also learned responsibility from Gloria Dei. From a very young age, the teachers here have taught me how to keep track of my own work and items. I have also learned about integrity. I have learned to be honest and responsible for every one of my actions and words. I have also been taught how to be compassionate towards others.

During my time at Gloria Dei, I have been pushed to try my very best in everything that I participate in, whether it is in sports or in my schoolwork. I am constantly trying to excel at everything that I do.

I have enjoyed almost every moment of my time here. Thank you to all of my teachers that have taught me over the years. I am so appreciative of every lesson that you have taught me. Gloria Dei has been a very special time in my life, and I am so grateful for that.”

John and Debra – Gloria Dei Student Parents

“Gloria Dei Lutheran School is more than just a school, but rather, more like an extension of our family. The strength of the educational experience at GDLS lies in the ability of the administrators, teachers, and staff to provide a structured, innovative, and nurturing learning environment that continually challenges students on all levels.

In doing so, they provide not only a strong academic foundation, but also develop in each student critical thinking and reasoning skills that form the foundation for higher learning. The class sizes are ideal for fostering meaningful exchanges between students and teachers. The diverse programs and substantial resources offered at GDLS have provided opportunities for our son to grow and thrive in areas of academics, culture, and athletics.

The Christian values that are taught and demonstrated on a daily basis encourage the attributes of integrity, commitment, respect, and service to others above self. The standard of academic excellence, with the strong emphasis on moral and character development, has far exceeded our expectations.”