Kindergarten Thru Fifth Grade Resource Classes

Gloria Dei offers a wide variety of resource classes to enrich the base curriculum that each student receives.  These classes are offered weekly to every student who attends Gloria Dei Lutheran School. Resource classes include the following subjects:


The computer curriculum is designed to build computer and technology skills while enhancing skills that are taught in math and language arts in the classroom.  Keyboarding skills are taught beginning in second grade to help students learn to type fluidly by the time they finish fifth grade.  Additionally, the Microsoft Office package is used in third through fifth grade where students learn how to format essays and create PowerPoint presentations.


The curriculum is aligned with the National Standards for Art Education to include developmentally appropriate activities for successful student artistic expression and growth in the art process and with different techniques.  Art education at Gloria Dei includes scaffolding of drawing skills from one grade level to the next so that students are confident in their ability to express their ideas and thoughts visually through drawing.


Teaching children about music allows our students to explore their creative side.  Whether they are singing, writing, or listening to music the students get the opportunity to learn what they enjoy most about this subject.  In all classes they will experience all the styles of music throughout every nine weeks,

Physical Education 

Physical Education classes begin with stretching and calisthenics warm-up in the classroom before running practice begins outside (weather permitting).  The remainder of PE class is used to teach a variety of sports units including:  football, basketball, soccer, kickball, volleyball, and other playground games.  These activities are designed to improve cardiovascular health, teach teamwork, increase flexibility, and coordination skills.


The students in kindergarten to fifth grade have a weekly half hour library class.  These classes will focus on helping the students to select books for both pleasure reading and school assignments.  Topics will include  literary genres, Dewey decimal system, using the online catalog,  Caldecott and Newbery Award winners, favorite children's authors, and seasonal activities.  Students will check out 1 to 2 books weekly and return the books the following week.  Books checked out for classroom assignments may be kept for a longer time.


Students in Grades K-5 are exposed to Spanish for thirty minutes every week.  These classes provide exciting learning materials that enable the curriculum to be rich and varied.  The students learn about Spanish language and Hispanic culture using thematic vocabulary units, conversation, dance, music, art, games, educational movies, crafts, geographical exercises, bilingual books, computer programs and power point presentations.

Science Lab 

Students in the elementary grades will meet for Science Lab every other week throughout the school year.  During this time, they will explore a variety of science topics, while engaging in a variety of "hands on" experiences.  Our activities are STEM focused - designed to provide students with enriching experiences in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.