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First & Second Grade Music
3rd & 4th Grade Music

Ms. Shannon Schubert

Music Teacher

Contact Me:
 (757) 851 - 6292

Our kindergarten music classes are full of movement and fun! Students are introduced to the different instruments and their families as well as the ideas of loud and soft. We use instruments and voices to make beautiful music and learn good musician qualities that bring us together!

First through Fifth Grades
Our elementary school students take a deeper dive into the complex world of music. We take closer looks at the instruments we know and learn about the ones we don’t! As our students progress through their musical journeys, they are introduced to more complex songs, and even beginning to reach their hands into the deep ocean of Music Theory. Our Third grade students hone their Musicianship qualities by taking on the recorder. Our Fourth and Fifth grade students begin to master their skills and learn how to read sheet music, a whole different language! While we learn rhythm and melody, we’re also having fun with energetic songs and instruments such as bells, orff keyboards, and a fan favorite- boomwhackers!

Middle School
Our middle school music classes dive headfirst into the active world of music. From reading sheet music to playing hand chimes and hand bells, our students master their good musician skills and apply them in rigorous practice. Our students take a focus on music at work in the real world, rather than just on paper or in theory. Once a year, we take focus on a musical, and learn the ins-and-outs of the productions and (given the chance) see it performed live! The complex music and songs our oldest students encounter will challenge them and inspire a new view into the music.