Mrs. Anna Mary Vogt

8th Grade Home Base & Middle School Sciences & Geometry Teacher

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Welcome to Eighth Grade!

Eighth grade is both challenging and exciting as students work to complete their final year of middle school.   By this time, students have grown and matured in their organizational abilities, study habits, self-confidence, and social skills.  They are planning and preparing for high school, and continue the Gloria Dei Middle School experience with a strong, well-rounded curriculum.

Core classes include Physical Science, American History, Language Arts/Literature, and Math.  Additionally, Spanish 1B is offered as a core class, provided that prerequisite requirements have been met.

Students have the opportunity to graduate from Gloria Dei with up to three high school credits.  High school credit may be earned upon successful completion of Algebra 1, Geometry, and/or Spanish 1.

Students will also participate in a variety of resource classes every week - including Art, Music, Library/Research, Physical Education, Computers, and Novel Study.

Additionally, a variety of quarterly classes are offered throughout the year in eighth grade, such as Geography, Bible/Religious Studies, Physical Conditioning, Yearbook, Forensic Science, Intro to Neuroscience, Creative Writing, and Money Matters.  Elective offerings may change from year to year.

Eighth grade students participate in a variety of school and community outreach projects.  Eighth graders also have the opportunity to hold office and participate in the Student Council Association (SCA).  In addition, students have several special activities and field trips to enjoy during their eighth grade year.

Math Lab, Master’s Singers, and Arts Academy classes are also offered as after-school activities.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact the school office, or any of the middle school teachers, with any additional questions.