All students are expected to maintain good grooming habits and appropriate dress. Clothing should promote a positive image, be of acceptable social standards, and should not be offensive or distracting to the learning environment.

Weather permitting, students will go outside for recess every day. Please make sure children are wearing weather appropriate clothing (including bringing coats, gloves, and hats during the winter).

The following clothing and accessories should not be brought to school: silly bands, muscle shirts (that have large armhole openings that expose undergarments), hats, halter tops, tube tops, strapless dresses, fishnet shirts, karate clothing, sunglasses, make-up, colored hair spray, gel or paint, flip flops, high-heeled shoes, platform shoes, glitter lotion, clogs or crocs, or shoes with built-in roller-skates or wheels. In addition, students in Elementary Grades should also not wear tank tops or spaghetti straps (at least a 2-inch strap width), shirts that show the navel, pants that sag below the waistline, shorts or pants with writing on the back, leggings that are being worn as pants, and short shorts or skirts.


1. Students must wear clothing that completely covers the entire area from armpit to armpit, and to 3 to 4 inches above the knee. This includes no lace, mesh, cutouts, rips, and holes in the area that must be covered. The diagram below may be used as a guide.

2. Shirts must have straps at least 2 inches in width and should not have large arm holes.

3. The following items are not permitted:
-hats, hoods, or sunglasses in school buildings
-pajamas, lounge wear, or slippers
-T-shirts or clothing with suggestive, inappropriate, or violent pictures or words
-pants, shorts, or skirts with writing across the back
-shirts with racer backs or crisscross back straps

4. Students will need to wear sneakers/tennis shoes for P.E. class.

5. If a student wears leggings, their shirt should reach to the hip joint/top of the thigh.

6. This dress code applies to field trips, all special events, programs and graduation, and all school activities.