Many people in U.S. history have been able to influence the political process because of their personal wealth. Examples include Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller and, most recently, Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Capitalism promotes the accumulation of wealth. Do you think the government should set limits on the amount of wealth a person or organization can control? Why or why not? Define Using your notes on the graphic Organizer, write the definition of each term related to international trade restrictions. DEFGHIJ31Previous Balance SheetPaymentsNew AcquisitionsLate DebitFinancing FeesLine of CreditAvailable Balance32begin{matrix} text{} & text{D} & text{E} & text{F} & text{G} & text{H} & text{I} & text{J} text{31} & text{Previous Balance} & text{Payments} & text{New Purchases} & text{Late Charge} & text{Finance Charges} & text{Credit Line} & text{Available Credit}text{32} & text{} & text{} & text{} & text{} & text{} & text{} 3132DPbalance revised EPaymentsFNew PurchasesGLate ChargeHFinance LineICredit LineJAvailable Credit f(x)=5 − 13x3x + 20f(x)=frac{5 – 13 x}{3 x + 20} f(x)=3x + 205 − 13x On November 1 of the current year, a company paid the November rent for the building it occupied. a) Are the rights acquired on November 1 an asset or an expense? (a) Use the diagram to estimate the location of horizontal or vertical asymptotes. (b) Use the function to accurately determine the locations of asymptotes. If an entry is required, note it as a general log. Jack set up a spreadsheet to model his credit card statement. The summary portion of the table is displayed. Write the formula for the available balance entered in cell J32.

Determine the formula for the total cost of renting the equipment.