Carroll, A. B. (2015). Corporate Social Responsibility. Organizational Dynamics, 44(2), 87-96. A company always establishes itself with various responsibilities such as economic, social, environmental, ethical and legal responsibility. Ethical responsibilities are often used as legal responsibilities. Legal accountability represents activities and practices that encompass ethical standards towards consumers, employees, shareholders and community consideration to protect stakeholders. However, ethics always comes before law (Brain, 2013).

Ethical responsibilities are always considered legal responsibilities that legislation has made for the creation of justice and the rights of the member of society. Therefore, Starbucks is a company that also assumes this responsibility to consumers, employees, shareholders and the community to protect stakeholders. For Starbucks employees, they must have certain legal responsibilities to employees. The company must offer an environmentally friendly work environment, job security and higher wages. When the company provides the service to customers, they have a duty to provide high-quality coffee and beverage services and products. Starbucks also includes customers who are treated as stakeholders by expanding their culture (Corbaci, et al, 2014). A company has several legal responsibilities to its employees, shareholders and other related matters. Company law gives the legal entity to a company in order to maintain legal responsibility for the management of the company. Under company law, a company can exercise its power under the company`s articles of association (Brain, 2013). The directors of the corporation have a duty to take care of the corporation and its members. They must be bona fide and authorized to use their positions when they need all the necessary information regarding the company and the obligations (Carroll, 2015). Encourage lawyers and staff to get involved in causes that are important to them and support their efforts by allocating time and resources.

Do you have a paralegal who sits on the board of a not-for-profit organization that raises money for schools? Ask how others can support the organization`s mission and give them the flexibility to go early once a month to attend board meetings. However, the policy only states that the legal minimum wage and not a living wage must be paid. The coffee chain`s social responsibility document included appropriate clauses on discrimination, freedom of association and forced labour. The issuance of free shares, partially paid-up preferred shares and redeemable shares belongs to the shareholders. The director of the corporation or management of the corporation must address these shareholder matters (Garthwaite et al., 2017). The company is responsible for providing employees with appropriate salaries and dividend amounts to the company`s shareholders (Carroll, 2015). The amount of dividends, which is always paid to shareholders from the amount of the company`s profits, does not affect the company`s financial position (Garthwaite et al., 2017). Pedersen, E. R. G. (Ed.). (2015).

Corporate Social Responsibility. Sage. When a company starts its activities, it must take into account social aspects, corporate social responsibility and also legal responsibilities. When a company is founded, it not only seeks profits, but is also responsible for moral, environmental and qualitative aspects. They also have a legal responsibility to employees, shareholders, and other related matters (Corbaci, et al, 2014). The program develops and distributes awareness materials, including the Standards of Professional Conduct; facilitates regulatory compliance and ethics training; considers sensitive issues such as potential conflicts of interest; and provides additional opportunities for partners to voice their concerns. Partners are encouraged to report any issues or concerns regarding the choice of communication channels available to the program. The company must provide all employees with the correct guarantee.

Since Starbucks is a coffee company, they also have a legal responsibility to provide the right fresh produce to customers around the world. The company must control and manage the productions according to the right legal aspects, as this not only generates profits for the company, but also has a social and environmental impact. This helps a company establish a good relationship with the business aspect (Carroll, 2015). If a company follows the right legal responsibilities, it can achieve appropriate business value and profits. Starbucks is a company that manages to establish such values in its business. They always provide employees with the best working environment and respect them, which is the basic principle of this company to run a wonderful organization worldwide. In accordance with business ethics, the company also follows appropriate business ethics and retains legal responsibilities. In the long-term relationship with raw material suppliers, the importance of Starbucks` business ethics and strategies is applied (Michelli, 2014).

As a global company, we are held to the highest standards of ethical conduct. Standards of professional conduct help us make decisions in our daily work and show that we take our legal and ethical responsibility seriously. Whether in terms of taste or customer service, the brand is relentless in its quest for perfection. The customer always comes first. In addition to the customer, the company`s ethics and values are also important to Starbucks. As part of its ethics and compliance program, the brand distributes awareness materials that facilitate training on ethical behavior and legal compliance. Sensitive issues within the organization are also addressed as part of this program. It has established its standards of business conduct, which are made available to all partners in the form of a brochure.

These standards guide partner behaviour throughout the organization. In this way, the brand gives its employees guidance on how they can express their concerns through the corresponding communication channels. It has also put in place an anti-retaliation policy to protect its partners from any kind of retaliation against their concerns. Starbucks is a famous coffee company that not only expands its activities worldwide, but also manages to establish the health relationship in society. When Starbucks fulfills its legal responsibilities, it also sets public policy through global ethical business standards. It establishes human rights and equal employment opportunities for all employees of the enterprise, with each member or employee being granted the same employment rights according to their abilities. Statutory laws also protect employees by providing health care based on their needs (Koehn 2014). The following discussion successfully examines the business strategies of the Starbucks coffee company. According to corporate social responsibility theory, the legal responsibilities of the company are briefly analyzed in the discussion above. Starbucks uses corporate social responsibility theory to run its business in a legal and ethical manner, where they not only maintain the relationship between company members and fairness in labor relations. Shareholders` rights and profits are always granted to employees by company law and legislation.

We do this by advising and empowering leaders to promote ethical business practices, working with the company to ensure effective legal risk management and encouraging partners to speak up when they have questions or concerns. Therefore, we believe we have a responsibility to represent internal and public policies that support the health of our company, our partners (employees) and the communities we serve. Hirn, S. (2013). Starbucks company statistics. Statistical brain. Koehn, N. F., McNamara, K., Khan, N.

N., and Legris, E. (2014). Starbucks Coffee Company: Transformation and Renewal (Watertown, MA. Starbucks is known for being a responsible company because it has carefully and strategically shaped this personality through marketing. The website, shareholder reports, social media and stores are full of photos and texts telling Starbucks` stories about feeding the hungry, recycling cups and straws, and setting up support centers for farmers and communities in Central Africa where cocoa and coffee are grown.