The strict translation protocol of the Spanish group is guaranteed to meet all requirements for certified translations. You will receive a translation certificate for the corresponding documents at no additional cost. We also offer notarial services. The Spanish group is one of the leading national providers of accurate and efficient certified legal translations in 90+ languages. When you need fast turnaround times for high-quality translations, trust The Spanish Group`s expertise, speed and cost-effectiveness. All our legal and contractual translations are independently reviewed by two translators before being submitted. This reading is performed several times to ensure accuracy at all levels. For more information on U.S. legal forms, see or Largest online legal document database offers more than 23,000 Spanish legal forms BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–airSlate, a leading provider of no-code business automation solutions, today announced the availability of Spanish legal forms via U.S. legal forms. US Legal Forms, a product of airSlate Inc., has an online library of more than 85,000 ready-to-use national and national legal documents for individuals, small businesses, and lawyers with more than 23,000 documents in Spanish. Combined with electronic signature and editing capabilities, US Legal Forms allows users to edit, sign, and notarize forms online on any device and in one place.

We have an impeccable track record to meet our customers` schedules without sacrificing quality. Most assignments are completed in one day, including translation and proofreading by a legal translation expert or lawyer. We also offer our express translation service, which is a guaranteed same-day service. “With more than 41 million Spanish speakers in the United States, US Legal Forms is the first port of call for the Hispanic community to access secure and affordable legal documents,” said Borya Shakhnovich, CEO of airSlate. “Expanding our library of Spanish-language legal forms helps our clients meet some of the most common but critical needs of their families and businesses.” The Library of Congress acquired this collection, now known as the Spanish Legal Documents (15th-19th centuries), in 1941 and was microfilmed in 1983 and 1984. They were mainly published individually in sections ranging from 1 to 6 folios; The majority of the documents were printed with handset types on handmade paper, which is in very good condition. “I used The Spanish Group for all my formal and legal translations and everything works well. They have a simple, dignified, excellent and professional service through their website.

Nothing to complain about. Blessing. You will receive the electronic version of your certified legal translation in just 24 hours and the physical version upon request within one working day. When it comes to translating Spanish legal documents – from transcribed witness statements to case summaries, briefs, certificates and decrees – ALTA can match your documents with an experienced translator who has the knowledge to ensure accurate and professional Spanish legal translation. In legal affairs, life, property and liberty may be at stake. Even the slightest translation error in a legal document can result in litigation, an unfavorable outcome or even imprisonment. To avoid these serious mistakes, more and more people across America trust The Spanish Group for their certified legal translations. Accuracy is paramount in legal documents to protect life, property, and even liberty. The legal expertise of the Spanish group and the duplication of the verification method guarantee absolutely accurate translations of your important documents, even those containing complex technical or legal terminology. Your company opens a sales office in Latin America and you need legal documents and contracts translated into Spanish. Translating legal documents from English to Spanish requires both linguistic expertise and knowledge of legal systems to ensure the accuracy of terms. Inaccurate legal translations can cost you money, clients and valuable time.

How can you be sure that your Spanish legal translation will be handled with the necessary level of professionalism and attention to detail? ALTA`s Spanish translators are experts. You consider the linguistic and cultural factors that apply to your document and its target audience. The result will be a legal document in Spanish that appears to have originally been written in Spanish. Most of the Spanish legal documents in the collection are memoirs, that is, medico-legal writings relating to inheritance disputes and titles of nobility, taxes, ecclesiastical privileges, etc.