The shares closed at 5% after IVB announced plans to sell 379 million shares in the British bank, worth more than £1.3 billion. Part of everything. When a whole is divided into shares, they are not necessarily the same. In company and joint-stock company law, a share is a certain part of the capital of a company. As at December 31, 2018, no senior or subordinated preferred shares were issued and outstanding. Details of the terms of the outstanding shares, including changes to the voting rights attached to MVS and SVS in the event of certain events, are set out in the 2018 Information Circular under the heading “Voting Shares”. what information is incorporated herein by reference. RELEASE. Part of everything. Sometimes the proportions are the same, sometimes they are uneven.

2. In companies and corporations, the total share capital is usually divided into equal shares, called shares. Public company shares were sometimes held as real estate, but more often than not, they are considered personal property. Wortew. Yes. Sto. Co. Ch. 1 P., p.

288. 3. The part that falls upon one of the many children of his ancestor is called the share. The term share and equal share means in equal proportions. See Perpart. Oliver Laurel increased his stake in the football club to 28.9%. n. (1) a portion of a benefit derived from a trust, estate, debt or corporation normally shared equally (or a fraction expressly indicated) with others (“to my three daughters, in equal shares”). (2) a portion of the shares of a company, represented by a share certificate indicating the number of shares in an issue of shares of the company.

Admeasure, advancement, allot, allot, allotment, distribution, assignment of dowry, brothel, capita, per, champerty, co-erbin, company, contribution, declaratory judgment, distribution, , free bench, gavelleur, general assignment, interest, joint venture, limited partnership, metes and bounds, per capita, per stirpes, portion, preferred shares, predetermined heir, receiver`s certificate, reserve fund, down payment, seve, share warrant, shareholder, shareholder, stock dividend. This purchase price of the Sale Shares shall be paid in cash or in any other consideration received by the selling shareholder upon the prohibited transfer or closing. Each purchaser acquires the common and/or preferred shares and warrants (if any) for its own account and not for resale or for the purpose of distribution without the prior written consent of the Company. One of the same parts into which a business is divided and that can be purchased by investors A part or part of something that can be divided into components, such as a sum of money. A unit of action that represents the ownership of a company. In order to induce investors to acquire the shares acquired under the Purchase Agreement, the Company and the holders wish to enter into this Agreement to set out their agreements and understandings regarding transfer restrictions and the right of investors to demand a sale of the Company in certain circumstances. An unlimited number of first and junior preferred shares that may be issued in series. Financing> Free movement of capital > financial market > securitiesEmployment and working conditions > Labour law and industrial relations > Industrial relations > employee participation > employee share ownership Companies and competition > Legal form of organisations > organisation > undertakings governed by commercial lawFinance > financing and investment > investments > Investment policy > investment incomeSociety and competition > organisation of companies > structure of the company > Member of the company > shareholder a part of something that has been divided among several people.