The Philip Morris plant in CrespellanoThe result of an investment of more than 1 billion euros since 2013, the Philip Morris production plant in Crespellano (Bologna) is the largest Italian factory built from scratch in the last 20 years. The greenfield investment reached an economic impact of 2.2 billion euros in Italy over the five-year period 2014-2018, if we take into account the direct, indirect and induced economic impact of Crespellano`s investment, which activates economic chains, contributes to Italian GDP and employment. Philip Morris Italia, headquartered in Rome, is the leading company in the Italian tobacco market with a product portfolio that includes leading international cigarette brands, including Marlboro, Chesterfield and Philip Morris. In addition to traditional tobacco products, the company markets next-generation IQOS, lil Solid 2.0 and VEEV devices, as well as related non-combustion products HEETS, FIIT and VEEV POD. Philip Morris Italia was founded in 2001 and employs approximately 700 people at its headquarters and regional offices. Equal pay and top employers: certifications and awards for our Italian subsidiariesAt Philip Morris, there is no gender pay gap, a particularly important element in a national context where women`s salaries are, on average, lower than men`s. This result is confirmed by the Equal certification, which certifies the absence of wage discrimination through a granular analysis of the wage policy. Philip Morris International was the first multinational company in the world to certify all its subsidiaries, becoming the first global group to achieve certified equal pay. In 2022, the two Italian subsidiaries also received the “Top Employer” certification for the 13th and 9th consecutive times, respectively, attesting to excellent working conditions. However, the embryo of Philip Morris International came into being in the early fifties, when a division was established within Philip Morris Co., Ltd, Inc., which had meanwhile become a New York-based manufacturer of tobacco products (especially cigarettes) and had been purchased by George J. Whelan in 1919. which manufactures and markets Philip Morris products worldwide.

Philip Morris International is the leading company in the tobacco market. With more than 69,600 employees around the world, we strive to be a great place to work and act in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We fight the illegal cigarette trade and are proud to support the communities that produce our tobacco and the communities where our people work and live. The company`s operational headquarters are located in Lausanne, Switzerland, although the headquarters remained in New York. The SME does not operate in the United States of America, where the Philip Morris brands are still owned and marketed by Philip Morris International`s former owner, Altria Group. 🌐 SITE If you want to scramble certain information (for example, the address of the head office), proceed to the following form. The form can only be completed by the owner of the legal person concerned. On 29 April 2010, the Australian government announced the introduction of tobacco plain packaging laws. As a result, on 23 February 2011, Philip Morris International ordered the closure of two Australian subsidiaries of Philip Morris Asia (PMA), its Hong Kong-based subsidiary, Philip Morris Australia Limited and Philip Morris Limited.

In June 2011, Philip Morris International announced that it would use the ISDS provisions of the Australia-Hong Kong Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) to obtain compensation for lost sales due to the introduction of the aforementioned cigarette package appearance legislation. This plan included the elimination of the brand from cigarette packaging and the complete standardization of the package. [11] [12] Philip Morris International has been supported in this fight against the Australian government by British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco and Japan Tobacco International. The companies initially turned to the Australian High Court, also arguing that full standardisation of packaging would be a disadvantage for the consumer, who would turn to inferior products based solely on price. In 1987, the SME was incorporated into Philip Morris Companies Inc., founded in 1985 as part of a new corporate restructuring and renamed Altria Group in 2003. According to Philip Morris, the name change was due to Philip Morris` desire to emphasize the fact that its range of products went far beyond tobacco derivatives, because at the time, for example, it also owned 84% of Kraft Foods Inc., the second largest food company in the world after NestlĂ©. Philip Morris International owns six multi-billion dollar brands, each sold in multiple variants: Philip Morris International sponsors a wide range of sporting events around the world, from speed racing and football matches to cricket and ice hockey matches. In addition to traditional tobacco products, it is committed to bringing potentially reduced-risk (“RRP”) products to market and reinventing itself with constant innovation to advance the mission of building a smoke-free future through viable alternatives like IQOS. Philip Morris Italia S.r.l. Via Po 11-13-15 00198 Rome Italy In August 2014, the company threatened legal action against the UK government if it completed the introduction of full standardisation of cigarette packs.

In a statement, PMI said it would seek compensation of “billions of pounds” if the legislative process continued. [17] As tobacco, the main ingredient in cigarettes, is the largest and most addictive cause of preventable deaths[3], the business activities of the company (and its competitors) are strongly questioned and are increasingly subject to lawsuits and restrictive laws initiated by governments in various countries on the health effects of its products. In March 2008, Philip Morris International was spun off from the Altria Group, in which Philip Morris USA remained.