Our legal and supply chain advice spans many industries, including pharmaceuticals and medical devices, chemicals, automotive and automotive components, consumer goods, technology and electrical components, food and beverage, industrial machinery, telecommunications equipment, and pharmaceuticals and life sciences. We have been involved in many first-of-its-kind transactions in Myanmar, which has given us a good understanding of the regulatory landscape. Our team members have been the lead legal advisors in the two most important business law reform processes implemented in Myanmar – Myanmar`s new Companies Law and Myanmar`s Investment Rules. Negotiating safeguards and provisions at the beginning of a supply relationship is essential to minimize supply chain issues when a supplier does not meet its obligations. Our lawyers are nationally recognized practitioners with experience in the United States. Ministry of Commerce and Trade Institutions; You will work with clients to formulate and implement creative and successful strategies, often based on an interdisciplinary approach. In today`s complex and multi-dimensional world of supply chain, we help our clients manage the risks associated with procurement operations, including supplier reliability, supply continuity, product quality, legal and financial compliance, customer satisfaction and corporate reputation. We combine industry and legal expertise to develop cost-effective strategies that meet our clients` business needs and objectives. Companies involved in making products that touch our daily lives play a key role in the supply chain. Barnes & Thornburg provides a wide range of legal services to protect manufacturing companies, their strategic position, products, customers and brand, including outsourcing, subcontracting, outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions, business practice finance, supply chain and distribution management, antitrust, labor and employment, intellectual property, taxation, environment and real estate. Every step of the way, we bring the integrated approach you need and dive into your business and your core intellectual property.

Foley`s lawyers provide legal and commercial solutions to obtain patents, manage patent portfolios, develop monetization strategies, and define common intellectual property rights for development. Barnes & Thornburg`s supply chain lawyers combine years of legal experience with high-level political experience to provide foreign government companies, organizations and clients with advice and expertise on a wide range of services covering virtually all aspects of the domestic and international supply chain. including procurement, manufacturing, logistics and distribution, regulatory compliance, data security and dispute resolution. The world thrives on well-functioning supply chains, and we`re here to help you protect and improve this vital part of your business. Streamlining the supply chain management process, ensuring regulatory compliance, and protecting against disruptions is more challenging than ever. At the same time, supply chain technology has evolved, improving continuity, efficiency and traceability. The risks increase, as do the opportunities. Foley`s Supply Chain team is a multidisciplinary group of lawyers who take a holistic approach to solving supply chain problems in an increasingly volatile world. We strive to develop legal strategies tailored to the needs of your industry and the needs of your business. Our lawyers have worked with world-class manufacturers across all industries to improve their indirect sourcing processes and outcomes. We use best practice models for indirect tenders and contracts applicable to consulting, IT implementation services and software licensing, outsourcing, data analytics and other services.

Our templates cover both the legal and business elements of these transactions, allowing your team to focus on the unique needs of your organization. Since we don`t build from scratch, the time and cost savings are significant and the results are improved. We advise you on sales and franchise issues and discuss with you the problems that arise when acquiring new dealers, distributors or franchisees. At the end of the merchant relationship, we navigate landmines for dealer layoffs found in state laws across the country, providing solid representation in the event of termination or litigation gone wrong. We understand that contracting is an important part of your business, and our lawyers have experience in both the private and public sectors, advising on contract drafting and negotiation, including preparing state-of-the-art document sets to streamline your entire contracting process. We also facilitate productive negotiations with suppliers and customers. We also work with designated recipients who give our customers time to meet their manufacturing needs. When a supplier goes bankrupt, we work with clients on elevator residency applications, identification of critical suppliers, processing of outstanding contracts, and planning negotiations and confirmations.

At every stage of the problematic relationship with suppliers, our team diligently focuses on protecting our customers` interests and minimizing risks. Stefan Chapman has extensive local experience in Myanmar and regularly advises international clients on commercial and banking transactions. He has expertise in the telecommunications and infrastructure sectors. Force majeure: navigating coronavirus-related supply chain disruptions Diving into the supply chain – “New joint employer rule could end contractor confusion.” Effective government procurement relies on a thorough understanding of regulatory requirements and state and federal compliance obligations. We help companies comply with their government contracts by taking a hands-on approach to developing terms and conditions, policies, procedures, checklists and training programs. North Korea-related supply chain risks highlighted by Multi-Agency Advisory Procurement Procurement is an essential part of supply chain operations and can have a significant impact on a company`s overall success.