Ms. Shannon Schubert

Music Director & Teacher

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First & Second Grades
Our music classes meet once a week for 40 minutes.  We spend time in class learning new songs for our weekly chapel.  Discovering the magic of music is so exciting for this age.  Through drums, rhythm sticks, and many more instruments, we learn to keep the beats of different songs.  Starting in November, these classes will begin working hard on their wonderful and exciting Christmas programs.  It is such a joy working with the children and opening their minds to the wonder of music.

Third, Fourth & Fifth Grades 
The music classes started this year with looking at different Operas.  This was such a great way to introduce new styles of music to children.  At the end of the session, each class took a well known children's story and turned it into an Opera.  During their 40 minute class, they learn new songs for our weekly chapel.  All of the classes have begun working on their Christmas program.  Each class has such a wonderful group of talented children.  I look forward to spending this year teaching and learning about your children.