2nd Grade Wishlist

Wish List

*Bath and Body foam pump soaps.  We will be washing our hands constantly in class, I thought it would be nice to provide the students with fun scented soaps.  I have purchased some already, but as you can imagine we will go through them like crazy.  My previous classes have loved them.  I get the ones that have fun sayings on them.  It makes washing our hands  a little more "fun".

*Mr. Clean erasers

*pack of mailing labels (30 on each sheet) white or clear

*Variety pack packaged crackers or healthy snacks  (Cheez Its, Ritz Bits, Smartfood, etc..)  For the occasional student who doesn't have a snack.

*sidewalk chalk

Thank you in advance,

The Second Grade Teachers



All announcements will be sent through the Remind app!!!!

This is what we will be using to send our announcements. You will get messages about important things like test dates, field trips, parties, etc.


Go to http://www.remind.com

Create a profile as a parent. You can use a phone number or an email address.

Enter the class code for your child's teacher. You should be able to join the group and receive notifications. Please email your child's teacher for the class code.



Book Report Schedule

ALL book report books need to be read twice!!!!

September book report will be due October 4th-form book report October book report will be due November 3rd-AR book report
November book report will be due December 3rd-form book report January 31st-AR book report
February 28th-Biography book report
March 31st-AR book report
April 29th-form book report
May book report will be due June 3rd-Surprise book report!!!!!!!

*No book reports due for December or June

All FORM book reports should be done in COMPLETE SENTENCES. This means to put part of the question back in the answer. Each month that your child has a form book report, a blank sheet of paper will be stapled to it. This is for the FULL COLORED picture. Points will be deducted for incomplete sentences and a page not full of color.


The AR BOOK REPORT will be done on the computer. Your child needs to read the book report book TWICE. On or before the due date, all students will take the AR test on the computer that goes with their book. Their score on the AR quiz is their book report grade. This test can only be taken ONCE.

Reading Vocabulary Words

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Reading Vocabulary Words

All reading vocabulary words will be looked up in the glossary on Friday mornings. Students will write the words and definitions in their reading vocabulary notebooks.  Students will only look up the first 8 vocabulary words.  If there are more than 8, students will glue in the remaining words and definitions.  These notebooks may go home Friday after they have been checked for completion.


Every Thursday, a reading vocabulary test will be given. This test is included
with your child's weekly reading story test. For the vocabulary section your child will need to be able to use the vocabulary words in a fill- in- the- blank section.

Unit 1

Help! A Story of Friendship

  1. Actions- Things someone or something does.
  2. Afraid- Feeling fear; scared.
  3. Depend- To count on someone for help.
  4. Nervously- In an uneasy way; not relaxed.
  5. Peered- Looked closely.
  6. Perfectly- In an excellent way.
  7. Rescue- To save from danger.
  8. Secret- Something hidden or private.


Big Red Lollipop

  1. Aside-On or to one side.
  2. Culture- The way of life for a group of people.
  3. Fair- Equal and just for all sides.
  4. Invited- Asked to come.
  5. Language- The speech of a group of people.
  6. Plead- To make a request.
  7. Scurries- Moves quickly.
  8. Share- To divide and give to others.


Not Norman: A Goldfish Story

  1. Decide- To make up your mind.
  2. Different- Not alike.
  3. Friendship- The feeling of being friends.
  4. Glance- To look at quickly
  5. Proper- Correct.
  6. Relationship- A connection between people.
  7. Stares- Looks at for a long time.
  8. Trade- To give one thing in return for something.


Lola and Tiva: An Unlikely Friendship

  1. Allowed- Having permission to do something.
  2. Care- Close and kind attention.
  3. Excited- Feeling very happy and eager.
  4. Needs- Things one must have.
  5. Roam- To wander.
  6. Safe- Away from harm.
  7. Wandered- Moved here and there.
  8. Wild- An area where animals run free.


Families Working Together

  1. Check- To see if something is correct.
  2. Choose- To pick something out.
  3. Chores- Small jobs.
  4. Cost- The price of something.
  5. Customers- Buyers at a store or business.
  6. Jobs- Work done for pay.
  7. Spend- To pay money.
  8. Tools- Things to work with.


Unit 2

Sled Dogs Run

  1. Adapt- To become used to a place or thing.
  2. Climate- The weather in a place over a long time.
  3. Eager- Wanting to do something.
  4. Freedom- The ability to move or be free.
  5. Fresh- New; not spoiled.
  6. Sense- A feeling.
  7. Shadows- Dark areas made by blocking light.
  8. Silence- A lack of sound.



Wolf! Wolf!

  1. Believe- To think something is true.
  2. Delicious- Good to taste.
  3. Feast- To eat very well.
  4. Fond- Enjoying a great deal.
  5. Lessons- Things to be taught or learned.
  6. Remarkable- Not ordinary; wonderful.
  7. Snatch- To grab quickly.
  8. Stories- Tales of things that happened.


Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out!

  1. Buried- Covered up or hidden.
  2. Escape- To get away.
  3. Habitat- The place where an animal lives.
  4. Journey- A long trip.
  5. Nature- The part of the world not made by people.
  6. Peeks- Looks quickly.
  7. Restless- Always wanting to move.
  8. Spies- Catches sight of.


Baby Bears

  1. Adult- A person who is fully grown.
  2. Alive- Having life; living.
  3. Covered- Put over or on top of.
  4. Fur- The hair on an animal.
  5. Giant- Very large.
  6. Groom- To make clean and neat.
  7. Mammal- A type of animal with fur that gives milk.
  8. Offspring- The young of an animal.


Beetles and The Little Turtle (Poems)

  1. Express- To say or show.
  2. Behave- To act in a certain way.
  3. Feathers- The soft, light covering of a bird.
  4. Flapping- Moving up and down.
  5. Sway- To move from side to side or back and forth
  6. Rhythm-The repeating beats in a poem
  7. Poem- A form of writing that expresses imagination or feeling
  8. Rhyme-words with the same ending sounds


Unit 3

I Fall Down

  1. Amazing- Causing great wonder.
  2. Force- Something that moves or stops a body.
  3. Measure- To find the size of something.
  4. Objects- Things or items.
  5. Proved- Showed to be true.
  6. Speed- Fast motion.
  7. True- Not false or wrong.
  8. Weight- How heavy something is.

Mr. Putter and Tabby See the Stars

  1. Adventure- Something exciting that a person does.
  2. Delighted- Greatly pleasured.
  3. Dreamed- Imagined while asleep or awake.
  4. Enjoyed-Liked very much.
  5. Grumbled- Made a low rumbling sound.
  6. Moonlight- The glow from the moon.
  7. Neighbor- Someone who lives nearby.
  8. Nighttime- The dark part of the day.



  1. Across- From one side to the other.
  2. Borrow- To take and return later.
  3. Countryside- The land outside of cities and towns.
  4. Idea- A thought.
  5. Insists- To demand.
  6. Lonely- Far away from places.
  7. Solution- The answer to a problem.
  8. Villages- Small groups of houses.


Wild Weather

  1. Damage- Harm that makes something less useful.
  2. Dangerous- Not safe.
  3. Destroy- To break apart completely.
  4. Event- Something that happens.
  5. Harsh- Rough or unpleasant.
  6. Prevent- To stop from happening.
  7. Warning- A notice given due to danger.
  8. Weather- The condition of the air.



Many Ways to Enjoy Music

  1. Cheered- Shouted with happiness.
  2. Concert- A musical program.
  3. Instrument- An object that makes music.
  4. Movements- Acts of motion.
  5. Music- A group of sounds that make songs.
  6. Rhythm- The repeating of sounds in order.
  7. Sounds- Things that can be heard.
  8. Understand- To know or get the meaning of.


Unit 4

Rain Forests

  1. Eerie- Strange or scary.
  2. Growth- The act of growing.
  3. Layers- Levels or folds on top of each other.
  4. Lively- Full of life or energy.
  5. Location- A certain place or position.
  6. Region- A large area.
  7. Seasons- One of four parts of the year; spring, summer, fall, winter.
  8. Temperate- Not too hot or cold.



  1. Active- Lively; busy.
  2. Earth- The planet on which we live.
  3. Explode- To blow up.
  4. Island- Land surrounded by water.
  5. Local- In a certain place.
  6. Properties- Qualities of something.
  7. Solid- Firm and hard.
  8. Steep- Having a very sharp slope.


Dear Primo

  1. Common- Belonging to all.  
  2. Costume- Clothing worn to look like something else.
  3. Customs- A way of acting done by many people.
  4. Favorite- Best liked.
  5. Parades- Marches in honor of something.
  6. Surrounded- Shut in on all sides.
  7. Travels- Goes somewhere.
  8. Wonder- To want to know about.

How the Beetle Got Her Colors

  1. Ashamed- Feeling sorry or upset for doing something wrong or silly.
  2. Boast- To brag.
  3. Dash- To run in a hurry.
  4. Holler- To shout.
  5. Plenty- Enough of something.
  6. Similarities- Likenesses.
  7. Victory- A win.
  8. Wisdom- Good judgement in knowing what is right.


April Rain Song and Rain Poem

  1. Drops- Small amounts of liquid.
  2. Excite- To stir up.
  3. Outdoors- Not inside.
  4. Pale- Light in color.


Unit 5

Grace for President

  1. Champion- Winner.
  2. Determined- Decided.
  3. Issues- topics that are talked about.
  4. Promises- Statements by people that they say will happen.
  5. Responsibility- A duty.
  6. Rights- Claims that cannot be taken away.
  7. Volunteered- Offered to do something.
  8. Votes- Choices made in an election.


Once Upon a Baby Brother

  1. Amused- Made to smile or laugh.
  2. Cooperate- To work together.
  3. Describe- To give a picture of something in words.
  4. Entertained- Kept interested.
  5. Imagination- The ability to create new ideas or images.
  6. Interact- To act and react with someone else.
  7. Patient- Able to put up with trouble without anger.
  8. Peaceful- Calm.

Brave Bessie

  1. Agree- To think the same.
  2. Challenging- Making someone try hard.
  3. Discover- To find for the first time.
  4. Heroes- People who are looked up to.
  5. Interest- A liking for.
  6. Perform- To do something skillful in public.
  7. Succeed- To do well at something.
  8. Study- To try to learn.


The Woodcutter’s Gift

  1. Curious- Wanting to know about things.
  2. Distance- A place far away.
  3. Earth's Resources- Useful things that come from the land or water.
  4. Enormous- Very large.
  5. Gently- In a kind or soft way.
  6. Proudly- In a way that shows that one is pleased.
  7. Rarely- Not often.
  8. Supply- An amount of something that is needed.


Setting the Rules

  1. Exclaimed- Said with a strong feeling.
  2. Finally- At the end; at last.
  3. Form- To make.
  4. History- Events of the past.
  5. Public- All the people of a certain place.
  6. Rules- Guides for how to act.
  7. United- Joined together.
  8. Writers- People who put their thoughts on paper.


Unit 6

The Golden Flower

  1. Appeared- Came into sight.
  2. Crops- Plants grown for food.
  3. Develop- To grow.
  4. Edge- A line or place where something ends.
  5. Golden- Having the color or shine of gold.
  6. Rustled- Made soft, fluttering sounds.
  7. Shining- Giving or reflecting light.
  8. Stages- Steps in a process.


My Light

  1. Electricity- A form of energy.
  2. Energy- The ability to do work.
  3. Flows- Runs like water.
  4. Haul- To carry something heavy.
  5. Power- Energy that can do work.
  6. Silent- Having no sound.
  7. Solar- Having to do with the sun.
  8. Underground- Beneath the earth’s surface.


Astronaut Handbook

  1. Exploration- The act of looking closely.
  2. Important- Having great meaning.
  3. Machines- Devices made of parts that do a job.
  4. Prepare- To get ready.
  5. Repair-To fix.
  6. Result- Something that happens because of something else.
  7. Scientific- Relating to science.
  8. Teamwork- The combined effort of a group.


Money Madness

  1. Invented- Created for the first time.
  2. Money- Dollars and cents.
  3. Prices- The costs.
  4. Purchase- To buy.
  5. Record- A report of something that happens.
  6. System- An orderly plan.
  7. Value- Worth or importance.
  8. Worth- Related to the value.


Books to the Ceiling and I’ve Got this Covered

  1. Create- To make.
  2. Dazzling- Bright.
  3. Imagination- The ability to create new ideas or images.
  4. Seconds- Very short periods of time.

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Second Grade- Mrs. Maguire and Mrs. Perry


  • Become independent workers and thinkers
  • Become responsible students


  • Pass in homework
  • Copy homework note
  • Seatwork
  • Lunch count
  • Pledge


  • Homework is given Monday-Thursday.  It is expected for students to study spelling, reading vocab. definitions, and for any upcoming tests over the weekend.
  • Homework is expected to be returned the next school day or students will owe 5 minutes of recess.
  • Students need to read for at least 15 minutes each night.


  • Folder System-every paper has a home
  • Desk System-hard side/soft side.  Textbooks on one side, soft books on the other.  Supplies down the center.
  • Graded Work-will be sent home every Friday in the Graded Work Folder.  Folders need to be returned Monday, signed by a parent, and work taken out.  If there is work to be finished or fixed it needs to be done over the weekend and sent back on Monday.



  • Students will be learning parts of speech and how to appropriately use them in writing.
  • All language/grammar papers are kept by me until closer to test time.
  • A Language folder will be sent home with all grammar work done in class for the unit.  This is for studying purposes.


  • Every Thursday, students take spelling list tests, unless otherwise noted.
  • Every Friday, students take Spelling Dictation tests.
  • All tests are taken in the spelling test/dictation notebook. Once corrected, notebooks will go home for you to see the grades.  Please return the next day.
  • Every Friday, students copy the next week’s spelling words in their agendas.  Students should begin studying over the weekend.


  • Every Friday, students copy down their vocabulary words and definitions in their Reading Vocab. Notebook. These notebooks should be kept at home until the following Friday.  Students should begin studying these definitions over the weekend.
  • Vocabulary tests will be given on Thurdays.
  • Reading tests are given on Friday.
  • Monthly Book Reports will be assigned.  We will trade off monthly between form book reports and AR computer quizzes.
  • AR (accelerated reader)- Students have taken the computer quiz to get their AR level and goal points.  Students need to be reading books in their level.  Levels and goals can be found on the inside of the agenda.  Students should work toward reaching their goal each quarter. If a goal is reached, students will receive a treat from the Library.  They will also receive prizes in class as they reach points in increments of 5’s.  Starting the 2nd quarter, students will receive a grade for AR.  The grade will be the percentage of the goal they reached for that quarter (100% being the highest).  Please know this is only 5% of their overall reading grade.

Use words from the question back in your answer!!!!!!!  If words are not used from the question back in the answer I will mark it with a c.s. This identifies the sentence is not complete and will need to be fixed at recess.

  • Example

What is your favorite kind of candy?

My favorite kind of candy is Heath.


  • In social studies, students will be learning about communities, communities of long ago, Washington, D.C.
  • In science, students will be learning about magnets/forces/energy, earth/seasons/weather, how living things change and grow, plants/animals, matter, heat/light/sound, and Earth/Space.
  • All papers are kept until closer to test time.


  • Big emphasis this year is for students to learn/memorize their addition and subtraction facts to 18.
  • Mad Math Minute-50 math problems in 5 minutes-graded (addition on Tuesday and subtraction on Thursday).  Each quarter the time will drop by one minute.
  • Math Blast- Timed math that is similar in length to speed drills. It is always one minute until students have passed all 30 levels.  After this, students will begin at level one for 30 seconds (many students do not get this far).  Prizes are awarded every 5 levels passed at 100%.  When level 30 is passed the prize is Dairy Queen!!!!
  • Ways to practice:
  • Flash cards
  • Drills
  • Math games

Some other reminders/information for you!

  • Birthdays- All students will receive a birthday blessing during Chapel.  A sweet treat can be sent in to be shared with the class.  Please no drinks or treat bags.  Also, treats needs to be easy to distribute.
  • Book Clubs- I try to send book club forms home monthly.  It is helpful if books are purchased online so no money/checks are exchanged.
  • Morning Snack- needs to be a healthy snack-if a student has a snack or lunch item that needs a spoon/forkplease make sure it is in the lunchbox.
  • Special Events-
  • Field Trips- as permitted with Covid
  • Parties- parent helpers needed -will follow Covid guidelines
  • Incentives

*  Homework Passes

*  Treat Box

*  Candy Jar


I use both of these sources for parents to find information.  The Remind app will be used for communication between teacher and parent.  Please always feel free if you have a question, concern, or comment to reach out to me on Remind.

About Mrs. Mahan

I have been an educator/teacher for more than 30 years. My Master's Thesis was on learning styles and multiple intelligences, and I try to approach the class material in a variety of ways. I encourage students to come to me when they have questions - that's what I'm here for!  I can help during lunch, recess, and Math Lab. In middle school I try to show students that they have to take responsibility for their own learning, and that they should start to be more independent learners. Writing down their assignments,  accurately completing the assignments at home, and then bringing their assignments back and turning them in ON THEIR OWN is a big step! I also want them to be responsible and respectful members of our class. I expect them to treat each other with respect, and I will guide them every day to do just that.

Contacting Me
The best way to contact me is by email at rmahan@gloriadei.net.  I check email every morning and at least once during the school day if my schedule allows.  I also check in the evening from home.

You can also send me a message on Remind.

Math Lab


  • Math Lab meets on Mondays from 3:00-3:50 p.m. in Mrs. Mahan's classroom
    - Please sign up on the sheet at my classroom or let me know in advance.
    - I will walk students out to the flagpoles at 3:50 p.m. for pick-up.
  • Math Lab is open to any middle school math students - they do not have to be in my math class!  Most times students bring their math homework and ask me specific questions about a tough topic.  Some students study for tests or quizzes, or even make corrections on a test or quiz they have already taken.
  • Math Lab is attended by multiple students from up to 5 different math classes (Course One through Geometry), and I help them ALL!  🙂  This is not one-on-one tutoring since I have to assist multiple students.

Feel free to email me with any questions: rmahan@gloriadei.net.