ALL book report books need to be read twice!!!!

September book report will be due October 4th-form book report October book report will be due November 3rd-AR book report
November book report will be due December 3rd-form book report January 31st-AR book report
February 28th-Biography book report
March 31st-AR book report
April 29th-form book report
May book report will be due June 3rd-Surprise book report!!!!!!!

*No book reports due for December or June

All FORM book reports should be done in COMPLETE SENTENCES. This means to put part of the question back in the answer. Each month that your child has a form book report, a blank sheet of paper will be stapled to it. This is for the FULL COLORED picture. Points will be deducted for incomplete sentences and a page not full of color.


The AR BOOK REPORT will be done on the computer. Your child needs to read the book report book TWICE. On or before the due date, all students will take the AR test on the computer that goes with their book. Their score on the AR quiz is their book report grade. This test can only be taken ONCE.