Florida`s coastal waters are home to thousands of marine species, and the majority of these species have no specific regulations regarding bag restrictions, size restrictions, equipment restrictions, or closing seasons. These species are often referred to as “unregulated species,” although the name may be somewhat misleading. State law provides that for each marine species that does not have specific regulations, harvesting more than 100 pounds or two fish (whichever is greater) is a commercial quantity and requires a commercial license. This means that the recreational harvest limit for unregulated species is 100 pounds or two organisms if the total weight of both organisms exceeds 100 pounds. Boys form schools near floating objects or structures. Size: Up to 20 inches (4 pounds); and often found young animals weighing less than 1 pound off the coast. The adults ended up near the coast and near the coast. Similar species: Blue fish, P. saltatrix; crevalle jack, C. hippos (without scutes); and other types of jack.