Well, I never thought the police would be so important. I`ll try Open Sans. Very useful article The font is available in 8 different styles and is popularly associated with Roboto and PT Serif (same family). Here`s a table of the 10 most commonly used/installed fonts on the web (as of February 25, 2012) [Courtesy of Codestyle] Can you imagine a law firm using Comic Sans as your primary blog font? These fonts are not widely used on computers and since they are “chic” and “italic”, they can be very difficult to read in large pieces. If you want to use them, you must limit them to headers or use them in images. Thank you for sharing the best fonts, but how can I use these fonts on my WordPress site? If you already have a website, you can use Google Fonts to improve your design. This font is widely considered to be the best font for blog posts. The font itself is a simple, sans-serif style, easy to read, and popular for various types of websites. Contrary to popular belief, these are not fonts. So what exactly is a font? It`s best to use it for website headers and the sidebar.

And fits Best open without and source without pro. Consider Nunito if you`re looking for a sans-serif font with rounded edges. The list is not sorted by particular order or preference. I`ll be adding other amazing Google fonts to the list over time, so be sure to bookmark this page or subscribe to our newsletter. Merriweather`s design is led by Eben Sorkin of the Sorkin Type font design foundry. The font is specially designed for easy reading on the screen and has a high x height and heavy wheelbases that give it good readability. The css font-size property can also be used to change the font size of individual elements on a page. This classification can seem quite cheesy and should be used with a lot of discretion. I would recommend using only a decorative font for a logo and never for headers or body text. Remember that if you choose an italic font, it should NOT be used as the primary font, but should look at it as a cake. Your neutral and simpler font is the sponge, and your more interesting cursive script is the small icing stain on top, which makes the whole cake more attractive in small quantities. The main purpose of fonts is to be read.

There is nothing else they do that is as important as helping readers understand it. The best blog fonts can specialize your business and help viewers better identify your website. Today`s savvy readers can easily determine a professional website from an amateur blog down to the smallest detail – and your choice of font is one of the most obvious criteria. The most common Blackletter fonts: Old English, fracture and linotext The font pairs well with most images, especially those that are colorful, high-quality and easy to read, even in smaller sizes like headers. The font also includes a number of ornaments and pictograms that can be used in software user interfaces to display common actions or events such as play/pause, record, delete, etc. Source Sans Pro is released under the SIL Open Font license. Arvo is a Free font that was first published in Google fonts. It falls under the Free License and is one of the few Free fonts that are of such quality. Feel free to get one of the suggested fonts at the bottom of the Google Fonts website. What is the best font for your blog or website? You may want to have fancy fonts and change fonts every two lines, but the experienced blogger knows it`s always best to keep it simple when it comes to fonts and the web. The fonts are reminiscent of Garamond-inspired fonts and have 8 strengths in Roman and Italic styles to choose from, which can be weighted according to your needs thanks to the variable design. Here are two reasons why choosing the best font for a blog is important for readability.

They are provided via the Google Webfonts service, Christian Robertson developed the Roboto font as a solution for poorly designed fonts on search engine results pages. Open Sans is a font designed to look great on desktops and mobile devices. Nowadays, it seems that choosing the font is not as important as the quality of your message, but this is not true, because if you choose a wrong font, you will confuse your readers. There`s not much difference between the percentages of these fonts, so you`re pretty sure to use either of them, knowing that they will be installed on the computer your drive is using. Sans-serif fonts do not have the small hooks or serifs at the end of the letters. These are displayed more clearly, sharper, and bolder at most monitor resolutions. This makes them easier to read and therefore the perfect choice for your blog. Each letter of Allerta is distinguished, which improves readability.

However, it won`t look good on blogs and body content sites. Allerta Stencil is a theme best used for graphic design and printing. As the researchers said, “If you`re selling an expensive product, the description with an easy-to-read font will suggest to the viewer that more effort has gone into creating that product.” You can read how I started a blog from scratch and raised it to over $200,000 in a year by visiting my step-by-step guide on how to start a niche blog that actually makes money. The Ubuntu font family, designed by Dalton Maag, is a set of corresponding fonts designed for use on user interfaces and visual communication. Fonts are intended to be used on the screen by end users and not with low print resolution. By using Google fonts, you can avoid spending money on fonts as they offer all fonts for free under an open font license. Lato is a classic font that pairs well with almost every font for blogs on this page. It was designed by Łukasz Dziedzic in 2010 and is widely used thereafter.