Tag: A graffiti artist`s label is their unique signature, usually in one color. Here is a list of available walls and links to book them. Local and international artists can register online to paint a specific section of the wall on a specific date. The end result is an ever-evolving open-air gallery for graffiti and street art. It may also be that the city council does not seem too interested in cleaning up public space in El Raval as much as in other areas. And this tolerance attracts both vandals and established graffiti artists, who find the neighborhood`s many closed shutters a good support for their actions. The works of many of Barcelona`s best street artists can be found on the walls. Check out Nau Bostik`s website here. In El Born, the authorities` desire to “keep everything clean” is even more evident than in the Gothic Quarter.

There are far fewer tags and throws, and the walls are kept clean even in areas that are not frequently visited by tourists. The neighborhood`s laid-back sophistication and security attract famous street performers and new talent. The Base Elements gallery in the Gothic Quarter specialises in graffiti and urban art. Outside the Old Town, in the Eixample district, N2 Galeria also specialises in contemporary art, offering emerging local and international designers, including graffiti artists such as Sergio Hidalgo (Sixe Art). And Galeria Contrast has a portrait of Tyrion Lannister from Axe Colours. And Espai Trafalgar hosted a Bansky exhibition touring around the world. There are currently five open walls in Barcelona, of which the 3 Xemeneies are the most central. All the others are located in the Poblenou district.

Los Jardines de las Tres Chimeneas (Gardens of the Three Chimneys) in El Poble Sec. This city park has large concrete walls where street performers can legally paint and is also popular with skateboarders. Nearest metro station: Paral·lel (L2, L3). The Sant Martí district, near the Selva de Mar metro station (L4), is home to some of Barcelona`s liveliest walls. The already mentioned block, consisting of Carrer de Veneçuela, Carrer de l`Agricultura, Carrer de Pallars and Carrer de Josep Pla, is an important hot spot. The nearby street Carrer de la Selva de Mar, where she meets Carrer del Perú, is also very active. Montana Gallery is an exhibition space that opened in 2007 and showcases talented local artists with a background in graffiti and street art. The park is dominated by three large concrete walls where graffiti artists can paint without fear of being fined. Just like in the Gothic Quarter, you see the goal of being artistic and sensitive, there`s a humorous touch and maybe less activism. Stencils and paste-ups are also popular. It`s not uncommon for local stores to invite graffiti artists to decorate their shutters with themes related to the store. Although it is also more common in the Gothic Quarter, it is even more common in El Born.

Although there are still a lot of tags and jets, you can see a stronger willingness on the part of the authorities to keep the area clean – especially in the monumental area. But this is especially true for walls, as shutters, metal doors, and other supports are often sprayed with graffiti. “Murs Lliures” has provided 8 walls for graffiti artists who want to paint legally. All three are located in the same block, between Veneçuela Street, Pallars and Agricultura Street, near Selva de Mar, the metro station. LAS 3 XEMINEIES This is the first “Free Wall” opened by Murs Lliures, and also one of the most famous places for graffiti and street art in Barcelona. But stay alert and you will see that a lot of Barcelona`s art is alive in the streets – graffiti and street art adorn almost every other door, surface or wall. In the 70s, graffiti exploded on the East Coast of the United States. Since then, cities around the world have experienced a contradiction between the appreciation of this illustrative art and the desire to keep the city clean. As much as graffiti is a way for artists to communicate with the public, it is also a way for artists to express their emotions and passion and build a community with others who value their work. Jeff McCreight, a freelance muralist, said, “As an individual, you try to create the best sound possible, the biggest brand you can create with graffiti.” Murs Lliures is a local non-profit organization that helps you find and reserve legal walls in Barcelona. You can book a wall through their website here: www.murslliures.com Or download the app on Google Play: App Murs Lliures Probably the liveliest corner of Barcelona, right in front of the Parc del Centre del Poblenou, you will find the exterior walls of a building that was once, walls that now serve as canvas.

an easel and sketchbook. The works on this wall were created by some of Barcelona`s most famous graffiti artists: S. Waknine, Valiente Creations, ONA and Adit, among others. The works are often painted to provide other artists with a clean vest, so there is always something new to admire. Wildstyle: A graffiti style with intricate lettering that intertwines within itself, and often other shapes and lines that make it difficult for the untrained eye to read. C/ Selva de Mar It is one of the longest walls (180 m and 2 to 6 meters high) There is the third wall that must be legally painted in Poblenou. For those unfamiliar with this initiative, “Murs Lliures” was born from the need to create legal spaces to paint graffiti, at a key time when Barcelona had turned its back on the spray art scene, where more than ever was needed. The district of Poblenou also wants to claim this right, so we want to show our support for these initiatives. Barcelona artists express their emotions and passion through graffiti and street art.

We will show you some of our favorite pieces The Parc de les Tres Xemeneies is a concrete promenade next to what was once one of barcelona`s first energy centers. The three large smoke pipes (“xemeneies” in Catalan) are preserved, but the center has become an office building.