Did you know that it is already possible to issue the General Registry – RG with identification of autism or disability? These […] Carla Bertin is© the mother of an autistic boy and for this reason, along with her husband, idealized autism LEGALâ¢, Brazil`s largest website on autistic rights. The accountant, lawyer blogger, speaker, disseminating the rights of the person with disabilities, especially the autistic person. Participates in the parliamentary front for the defense of human rights with Deficiência do Estado de São Paulo and is© a member of the FAN de São Paulo entities of people with defects. Want to know more about other rights? Access www.autismolegal.com.br A label, a name, a classification, although very important, decisive I would say because it welcomes, provides answers, shows the north. […] We parents all know how much we spend on therapies, assessments and interventions to develop […] The pandemic has been present in our lives for more than a year. We thought it would pass in a few months, but not […] Legal Autism is© a website that speaks clearly and consistently about the rights of autistic people. One question that many people have asked themselves is, “Should autistic people vote?” The answer is yes!!! All the Brazilians above […] First of all, have you ever heard of the new Autism Spectrum Disorder Identification Card – CIPTA? […] Your parents, mother or caregiver can turn around on their own without having to resort to accountants, lawyers or other professionals.