One of the legal aspects of the articles of association of companies is to have the law on incorporation, which must be signed by the shareholders and present their identity documents to prove that they are shareholders of the company. This public deed must also be signed by a notary. If you decide that your company is dedicated to the sale or provision of services on the Internet, you must follow the above steps: create the founding act of your company, register it with the SAT, impI and register your employees in the IMSS. When deciding what is the best structure for your small business, keep in mind that almost all businesses start as sole proprietorships or in partnerships. What for? Because these business structures are simple, require only a few procedures, and are easy to register without too much bureaucracy. If the data of one of the parties involved has changed, perform a data update to avoid legal conflicts in posterity. Under these contracts, you must enter into confidentiality agreements in which you give the other party assurance that the information provided therein will not be disclosed or published. Next, we`ll give you the legal keys to starting a business that ensures you`ll achieve all the goals you`ve set for your business. “Go with them, suggest your business idea so you can check the legal feasibility, which means your idea doesn`t fall into legal nooks and crannies or risky activities,” he says. The generation of your company`s Federal Register of Taxpayers (RFC) before the Tax Administration Service (SAT) is also mandatory. The articles of association contain the legal structure of the company. It determines who forms the company. It can be a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship.

To succeed in the business world and build strong working relationships, you need the skills of a great negotiator, skills that will help you solve all your problems, live in harmony with your employees and increase the number of your customers. The ability to convince people has an extremely positive effect on your business and career, opening the doors to a better job, a better salary, a better future. A company that already has more revenue can count and receive the RUC, where a new user is credited to SUNAT, so that at the time of tax payments, he can identify them and thus be up to date with all payments and has great advantages for the good payer. Legal issues related to banking and finance can affect most people who are immersed in this type of business. Individuals may have their bank accounts compromised by financial institutions that do not comply with federal regulations. Small businesses can have value issues when adopting mutual funds. -Have you created any software? It must be registered because the software generates value and it must be taken into account that it will be in the company ” Get advice from a lawyer who will help you comply with these legal keys to start a business successfully. The legal aspects of the company are all the procedures, processes and legal documents necessary to operate in the market without obstacles.

The law structures of sole proprietorships or partnerships are ideal for small businesses that are less likely to suffer significant losses or to be sued and brought to justice. Once your business needs more risk, higher debt, or more capital, you should structure yourself as a C company to protect your personal assets and have access to more capital. There are certain requirements for an S Corp, including that the owner must be a U.S. citizen and that the company cannot have more than 100 shareholders. The tax assessment varies according to the federal state. Put all your public deeds in order. “The charter is like the birth certificate of our company,” barquet explains. The most common legal structures are sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations and cooperatives. In any business, there are always a number of legal issues that need to be addressed in order and works freely.

The partnership is similar to a sole proprietorship, except that there are now two or more owners. There are two types of company: general and limited; In general, everything is divided equally, while in the Limited, one of the partners controls the operation of the company. “We need to make the right legal decisions in a timely manner to ensure sustainable growth of our project,” says Cervantes. It is important to choose the structure that best balances legal protection with financial benefits. Unlike sole proprietorships, partnerships or LLCs, corporations pay taxes on their profits and, in some cases, shareholders pay taxes again on their stock gains. Dive in for a few minutes to discover what myths are about how to start your own business, on the advice of Michael Gerber, entrepreneur, consultant and business consultant, who will teach you how to run your business successfully using basic techniques for optimal management of your business. Are you going to hire employees? Do you need partners? The answer to these questions determines how legally you should organize your business. The most common and simple legal structure is a business with a single owner.

The owner and the business are the same entity when they pay taxes. Business profits are personal gains and are taxed as personal income. This recourse is mandatory for all companies wishing to establish themselves, because it accredits the legality of their establishment.