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3rd Grade Reading Vocabulary

Reading Vocabulary

Grandfather's Journey
1. towering: very tall; lofty
2. journey: a long trip
3. enormous: much greater than the usual size or amount; very large
4. steamship: a large ship that is powered by steam
5. New World: North and South America; the Western Hemisphere
6. scattered: 1)to spread or throw about in various places. 2) to separate or cause to separate and go in different directions.
7. surrounded: to be on all sides of; form a circle around
8. marveled: to feel wonder and astonishment
9. astonished: to surprise very much; amaze

Phoebe and the Spelling Bee
1. groaning: to make a deep, sad sound
2. mock: not real; imitation; to make fun of in a mean way
3. correct: not having any mistakes; accurate; to mark the mistakes in; change to make right.
4. legend: a story passed down through the years that many people believe, but that is not entirely true.
5. consonant: a letter of the alphabet that is not a vowel
6. embarrass: to make someone feel shy, uncomfortable, or ashamed
7. disaster: an event that causes much suffering or loss
8. unusual: not usual, common, or ordinary
9. pedestrian: a person who travels on foot; walker
10. continue: 1)to go on or do after stopping. 2) to keep on happening, being, or doing; go on without stopping

Opt: An Illusionary Tale
1. crooked: not straight; bent or curving
2. banners: a flag or other piece of cloth that has a design and sometimes writing on it.
3. prongs: one of the pointed ends of an antler or of a fork or other tool
4. gift: something given; a present; talent or ability
5. guard: a person who is assigned to watch over things; to keep safe from harm or danger; protect
6. length: the distance from one end to the other
7. royal: of or pertaining to a king or queen or their family
8. within: in or into the inner part or parts of
9. straighten: 1)to make or become straight. 2)to put into proper order.

Max Malone Makes a Million
1. ceiling: the inside overhead surface of a room
2. section: 1)a part of an area or group 2)a part taken from a whole;portion
3. cents: a coin of the United States and Canada
4. eager: wanting very much to do something
5. including: to have as part of the whole; contain
6. scene: 1)the place where something happens 2)a part of an act in a play or movie
7. appendix: a short, hollow pouch that is attached to the large intestine
8. decimals: 1)a period put before a decimal; fraction 2)a fraction with a denominator of 10, or a multiple of 10, such as a 100
9. autograph: 1)to write one's own name in one's own handwriting 2)a person's signature written in that own person's handwriting
10. mobbed: 1)to crowd around in excitement or anger 2)a large number of people; crowd

Champions of the World
1. wrap: to cover by putting something around.
2. souvenir: something that is kept because it reminds one of a person, place, or event.
3. fans: a person who is very interested in or enthusiastic about something
4. cork: the light, thick outer bark of a kind of oak tree
5. pitcher: a baseball player who throws the ball to the batter
6. celebrated: to observe or honor a special day or event with ceremonies and other activities
7. score: 1)the points or a record of the points made in a game or on a test  2)to make a point or points in a game or test
8. season: any special part of the year
9. Little League: a baseball league for children under thirteen years of age
10. Mark McGwire: a famous baseball player who hit 70 home runs
11. Sammy Sosa: a famous baseball player who hit 66 home runs

City Green
1. area: a particular space, region, or section
2: stems: the main parts of a plant that support the leaves and flowers
3. halfway: to or at half the distance; partial; midway
4. rubble: rough, broken pieces of stone, rock or other solid material
5. petition: a formal request made to a person in authority
6. schedule: the time at which something is supposed to happen
7. excitement: the condition of being excited, stirred up or aroused
8. heap: a collection of things piled together
9. lease: to rent

The Sun, the Wind, and the Rain
1. canyons: long, narrow valleys between high hills or mountains
2. flowed: moved like a liquid; like a stream of water
3. traded: gave away something to get something else
4. peaks: pointed ends or top parts of something, especially mountains
5. handful: the amount of something that fits in your hand
6. crumble: to break into small pieces; to fall apart or to be destroyed
7. eons: very long periods of time
8. jagged: having sharp points that stick out
9. grains: tiny bits

Dream Wolf
1. buffalo: a large, shaggy, wild ox
2. shelter: to protect
3. echoes: sounds that are repeated
4. ripe: fully grown and developed
5. darkness: a time of no, or very little, light
6. herds: groups of animals living together
7. den: a place where wild animals rest or sleep
8. haunches: a part of the body of a person or animal including the hip and upper thigh
9. kinship: a relationship or close connection

Spiders At Work
1. capture: to catch or hold a person, animal or thing
2. serious: 
3. ruin: to destroy
4. liquid: a form of matter, such as water or milk, that is not a gas or a 
solid and can be poured
5. skills: powers or abilities to do things
6. feelers: a part of an animal's body used for touching things
7. prey: an animal that is hunted by another animal
8. black widow: a black spider; ther female is poisonous with a red mark on her body
9. arachnids: a large group of small animals without a backbone, two-part bodies, four pairs of legs, and no antennae or wings
10. struggles: makes a great effort
11. daddy long-legs: a kind of bug that looks like a spider; has eight, long, thin legs

Web Wonders
1. crops: plants grown by farmers
2. woven: formed by interlaced threads
3. respect: approval, high regard or consideration
4. earthquake: a shaking of the earth caused by underground movements
5. dragonflies: insects that have a long thin body and two pairs of wings
6. tarantula: a hairy spider found in warm places
7. soldiers: people who serve in an army

Moses Goes to a Concert
1. concert: a performance, usually a musical performance, by a number of musicians.
2. musician: a person who is skilled in playing a musical instrument, composing music, or singing
3. triangle: musical instrument made of a metal bar bent in the shape of a triangle.
4. ill: not healthy or well; sick
5. applaud: to show approval or enjoyment by clapping the hands
6. orchestra: a group of musicians playing together on various instruments
7. instrument: a device for producing musical sounds; a device used for doing a certain kind of work; a tool
8. deaf: not able to hear, or not able to hear well
9. conductor: a person who leads a group of musicians; a person on a train or bus who collects fares and assists passengers
10. vibration: rapid movement back and forth or up and down
11. percussionist: one who is skilled in playing percussion instruments, such as the drum, cymbal, and piano

The Little Painter of Sabana Grande
1. dawn: the first light that appears in the morning
2. adobe: a sandy kind of clay used to make bricks
3. shallow: not deep
4. sloth: a slow moving animal that lives in the forest of South America
5. blossoms: the flowers of a plant or tree; especially one that produces fruit
6. miserable: very unhappy; wretched; causing discomfort or unhappiness
7. fade: to lose freshness; wither; to lose or cause to lose color or brightness
8. toucan: a bird that has a heavy body, a large beak and colorful feathers
9. imaginary: existing only in the mind; unreal

The Patchwork Quilt
1. attic: the space just below the roof of a house
2. flexed: to bend
3. gazed: to look at something a long time; a long steady look
4. snipping: the act or sound of cutting with scissors in short, quick strokes
5. costume: clothes worn in order to look like someone or something else
6. mischievous: playful but naughty
7. anxious: wanting very much, eager; nervous, worried or fearful about what may happen
8. pattern: the way in which colors, shapes, or lines are arranged or repeated in some order
9. trimmed: to cut away or remove parts to make something neat and orderly
10. examined: to look at closely and carefully; check; to question in a careful way
11. jingled: to make or cause to make a tinkling or ringing sound
Pecos Bill
1. prairie: flat or rolling land covered with grass
2. located: to put or settle in a particular place; to find the place or position of 
3. mustang: a wild horse that lives on the American plains
4. invented: to make or think of for the first time; create; to make up
5. stumbled: to lose one's balance; trip
6. lasso: a long rope with a loop
7. tall tale: a made-up or exaggerated story; a tale too fantastic to believe
8. combine: to cause to mix together; blend
9. longhorns: a breed of cattle with very long horns
10. wilderness: a natural place where no people live
11. bronco-busting: the act of taming and training wild horses

A Very Cool Place to Visit
1. palace: a very large grand building where a king, queen, or other ruler usually live
2. creeps: to move slowly along the ground or over a surface
3. northern lights: shining bands of light that can be seen in the night sky in the Northern Hemisphere
4. beauty: a quality that makes a person or a thing pleasing to look at, hear, or think about
5. furniture: tables, chairs, beds, and other movable articles used in a home or office
6. pure: nothing but; not mixed with anything else
7. Sweden: a country in northern Europe
8. visitors: a person who visits

The Terrible EEK
1. humans: a person; being or having to do with a person or persons
2. weight: the amount of heaviness of a person or thing
3. triumphant: successful or victorious
4. haughtily: thinking of oneself as much better than other people; in an arrogant way
5. battering: to hit over and over again with heavy blows
6. screeched: to make a shrill, harsh cry or sound
7. motion: the act of changing place or position; movement
8. completely: thoroughly; totally
9. reply: something said, written, or done in answer
10. meal: the food served or eaten at one time; grain or other food that has been ground.

In My Family
1. comforting: to ease the sorrow or pain of someone
2. designed: to make a plan, drawing, outline of; make a pattern for
3. pinata: a colorfully decorated container originally used in Latin-American Christmas and birthday celebrations
4. mesquite: a tree or shrub native to the Southwestern United States and Mexico
5. nopalitos: Edible, freshly cut cactus pads
6. encouraging: to give courage, hope, or confidence; urge on
7. members: a person, animal, or thing that belongs to a group
8. empanadas: sweet turnovers filled with sweet potato or squash
9. conjunto: a kind of band that plays drums, accordian, guitar, and bass
10. El Jardin: a neighborhood restaurant
11. dozens: a group of twelve
12. relatives: a person who belongs to the same family as someone else

Cactus Hotel
1. nectar: the sweet liquid formed in flowers
2. saguaro: 
3. discovered: to notice; come upon
4. insects: a large group of small animals without a backbone
5. treat: something that is a special pleasure
6. bores: to make a hole in
7. paloverde: 
8. insulated: to cover or surround with a material that slows or stops the 
flow of electricity, heat, or sound
9. remains: 1)to be left 2)to stay behind in the same place
10.ribs: 1)something that looks like and acts like a rib 2)one of the curved bones that are attached to the backbone and curve around to enclose the chest cavity
11.tough: 1)not easy to break, cut, or damage; strong 2) able to put up with difficulty, strain, or hardship

Big Blue Whale
1. equator: an imaginary line around the Earth
2. mammal: a kind of animal that is warm-blooded and has a backbone
3. calm: not moving; still
4. feast: 1)to have a feast; eat richly 2)a large, rich meal on a special occasion
5. vast: very great in size or amount
6. adult: having grown to full size; mature
7. blubber: a layer of fat under skin of whales, seals, and some other sea animals
8. krill: tiny, pale pink shrimp-like creatures the size of a person's little fingers
9. baleen plates: tough, flexible bristles hanging from a whale's top jaw
10. swallow: to cause food to pass from the mouth to the stomach

J.J.'s Big Day
1. powdered: made into fine bits by grinding, crushing, or crumbling
2. experts: a person who knows a great deal about something
3. mammal: a kind of animal that is warm-blooded and has a backbone
4. clams: an animal that has a soft body and a hinged shell in two parts
5. gain: to get or develop as an increase or addition 
6. switched: to change
7. squid: a sea animal with long tentacles and is used as food for whales
8. compared: to study in order to find out how people or things alike or different
9. funnel: a utensil that has a wide cone at one end and a thin tube at the other

Lon Po Po
1. disguised: to change the way one looks in order to hide one's real identity or to look like someone else.
2. route: a road or other course used for traveling
3. delighted: to have or take great pleasure
4. claws:a sharp, curved nail on the foot of a bird or animal
5. paced:to walk back and forth across
6. gingko:a tree with fan-shaped leaves and yellow fruit
7. furious:very angry
8. Lon Po Po: a wolf
9. Shang: eldest and most clever sister
10. Paotze: youngest child
11. Tao: plump, middle sister

Animal Fact/Animal Opinion
1. temperature: the degree of heat or cold
2. fable: a made up or untrue story that is meant to teach a lesson
3. bother: to give trouble to; annoy
4. expects: to think, suppose
5. porcupine: a forest animal who's body is covered in sharp quills
6. rapidly: very quickly; fast
7. beliefs: a feeling that is real, true, or worthwhile
8. magnified: to make something look bigger than it really is
9. attack: to begin to fight against with violence; assault
10. ostich: a large bird that has a long neck, long strong legs, and a small flat head
11. label: a piece of cloth, paper or other material that is fastened to something to give information about it. To put a label on.

The Many Lives of Benjamin Franklin
1. hero: a person who is looked up to by others because of his or her great achievements or fine qualities
2. experiment: a test that is used to discover or prove something by watching results very carefully. 
3. printer: a person or company who's business is to print books. An instrument that can be connected to a computer to produce a printed copy of a file that is stored on a disk.
4. persisted: to continue firmly and steadily
5. scientific: having to do with or used in science
6. discuss: to talk over; speak about
7. curious: eager to know or learn
8. advice: an idea how to solve a problem or how to act in a certain situation
9. almanac: a book that gives facts about the weather, the tides, and the rising and setting of the sun for every day of the year
10. translated: to say in or change into another language
11. wit: the ability to make clever, amusing, unusual comments

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
1. report; an account, statement, or announcement, often formal or prepared for the public
2. avoid: to keep away from
3. period: a portion of time. A punctuation mark, used at the end of a declaritive or imperative sentence, or at the end of an abbreviation
4. brief: short in time
5. frequently: happening often, taking place again and again
6. gradual: happening little by little, moving or changing slowly
7. hurricane: a storm with strong winds and heavy rain
8. portion: an amount of food served to one person
9. drifts: something that has been moved along or piled up by air or water currents
10. abandon: leaving without intending to return; desert
11. sanitation: the protection of peoples health by keeping living conditions clean.

Pure Power
1. model: a small sized copy of something. to make or design something. 

2. pollution: the act or process of polluting. harmful materials such as certain gases, chemicals, and wastes.

3. coal: a black mineral that is burned as a fuel to heat buildings or make electricity. Coal is mostly carbon and is formed from decaying plants buried deep in the earth under great pressure.

4. fuels: something that is used to product heat or power by burning.

5. energy: the capacity for doing work. Some forms of energy are light, heat, and electricity. 

6. future: The time that is to come. 

7. entire: having all the parts; with nothing missing. 

8. produce: to make or create something.

9. solar: using or powered by the energy of the sun. having to do with or coming from the sun.

The Bat Boy and His Violin

1. talented: having or showing talent

2. equipment: anything that is provided for a particular purpose or use; supplies

3. perform: to sing, act, or do something in public that requires skill

4.  mistakes: something that is not correctly done, said, or thought

5. invisible: not able to be seen; not visible

6. pennant: a long, narrow flag that is shaped like a triangle

7. inning: one of the parts into which a baseball or softball game is divided

8. accept: to receive or admit, often with favor or approval, to take something that is given.

9. cleats: a projecting piece on the bottom of a shoe that gives it grip

10. integrated: to make open to people of all races; to bring parts together into a whole


Two Bad Ants

1. gripped: to take hold of firmly and tightly

2. antennae: one of a pair of long thing body parts, such as that on the head of an insect or a lobster.

3. kingdom: a country that is ruled by a king or a queen

4.  bobbed: to move up and down or back and forth with a jerky motion.

5. crystal: something that certain substances form when they change into a solid. Crystals have flat surfaces and a regular shape.

6. vanished: to go out of sight or existence.

7. unbearably: in a way that is unendurable or unable to be tolerated.

8. bitter: having a biting, harsh bad taste.

9. stunned: to make unconscious.

10. whirling: turning around quickly in a circle.


Do Animals Think

1. subject: something thought or talked about. a course or field that is studied.

2. crafty: skillful in deceiving; sly; cunning.

3. behavior: a way of behaving or acting.

4. brain: the large mass of nerve tissue inside the skull of persons and animals.  The brain control the actions of the body.  The brain is also the center of thought, memory, learning, and the emotions.

5. social: living together in organized communities.

6. solve: to find the answer to.

7. communicate: to exchange or pass along feelings, thoughts, or information.

8. instinct: a way of acting or behaving that a person or animal is born with and does not have to learn.

9. mimic: to imitate, especially in order to make fun of. 


Wilbur's Boast

1. boasting: to talk too much or with to much pride about oneself; brag. A bragging statement. 

2. interrupted: to break in upon or stop a person who is acting or speaking.

3. hurl: to throw hard and fast; fling

4. sedentary: doing or requiring much sitting. not active.

5. considering: to keep in mind.

6. seized: to take hold of; grab. to get control of; capture.

7. spinnerets: an organ for producing silk threads through the secretion of silk glands. 

8. hesitated: to wait or stop a moment, especially because of feeling unsure.

9. conversation: talk between two or more persons.


The Koala Catchers

1. loops: to make a rounded shape formed by the part of a string, wire, or rope that crosses itself. 

2. rescuers: someone who saves or frees people or animals.

3. koala: a furry, chubby animal that lives in Australia.

4. eucalyptus: a tall evergreen tree or shrub that grows in warm climates.

5. snug: fitting very closely or tightly.

6. pouches: a small bag that can be closed; a natural pocket of skin in the shape of a bag for carrying the young of a female marsupial.

7. strip: to pull off

8. starve: to suffer from or die of hunger.

9. crate: a box made of wooden slats.